Symptoms of Calcium Deficiency ||कैल्शियम की कमी के लक्षण ||

Symptoms of calcium deficiency: Those who believe that they have no calcium deficiency are completely wrong. Not only adults, young people and children do not have calcium.
Calcium is one of the essential nutrients of our body. As with other essential nutrients, calcium plays an important role in our diet. Calcium is required to keep bones and teeth healthy and strong. Calcium also makes our health.
Symptoms of calcium deficiency.
When a lack of calcium occurs in the body, many problems arise. So the symptoms tell us that our body has reduced calcium.

Weak seeds
As you age, our bones become weaker. The first and most important symptom of calcium deficiency is bone loss. In calcium deficiency in the body, the bones can easily break down and strengthen muscles and pains. In some extreme cases there is also a possibility that the disease is called Ricketts. Calcium is very important to strengthen our bones.

Without calcium in the body, our teeth will not be cut off. The lack of calcium is evident in our teeth, and the first symptoms are tooth decay. When a lack of calcium occurs in childhood, the baby’s teeth are eventually late. The problem with calcium is greater in adults.

Double nails
When the lack of calcium in the body decreases, the nails become weak. When the interval begins, you will understand that your body is less calcium.

hair problems
Hair loss is also caused by the lack of calcium to discover the lack of calcium when symptoms occur.

Tired already
Because no calcium in the body, fatigue begins to hurt as the bones and muscles of the body cause pain. If you have a hemoglobin level in your body and an indicator of calcium deficiency despite having enough water even though you regularly stretch or stop your muscles. This is

Reduce resistance to disease.
If you get sick again, you lose calcium. This may be one of the causes of calcium deficiency, and due to lack of calcium, there is a reduction in body immunity. What makes people re-create? Due to lack of calcium due to lack of sleep, nerves and brain headaches, tension and depression is due to lack of calcium. They also have symptoms of lack of calcium.

What we should do today is the reason to consider calcium deficiency. If you have any of the symptoms listed here, you should see your doctor immediately and make sure your blood is checked for calcium deficiency.

If you have calcium deficiency in your body, do not need to worry. Just start treatment with appropriate foods such as calcium and calcium.

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