जानिए शरीर में किस विटामिन की कमी हैं ​|

Now everyone wants to eat more nutritious and delicious food. Currently, wealth is not enough food in our lives. It causes many diseases and problems in our body. By the way, all the vitamins are very important to our health. However, vitamin B12 is a substance. Its absence is a major loss in the body. These vitamins help to repair and repair DNA found in our cells.

Vitamin B12 is the main ingredient of the main ingredient, for example the spinal cord in the brain. It can also do different proteins for all parts of the body. Vitamin B12 is also useful in the development of red blood cells. These are the vitamins found in our gut.

If there is tingling and tiredness in our hands, there are body shortages. And the reasons for his lack. We provide you with all of this information today.

1. The first deduction is considered to be inherited. If you have a problem with a family member, it can also be appreciated.

2. Although there is no bowel movement, this may be the main reason.
3. Due to serious illnesses such as Cronjas, the intestine may not absorb vitamin B12.
4. Even though people are suffering for a long time from a serious illness like anemia. So there is a lack of B12.
5. Patients who take long term medication for anemia and diabetes receive vitamin B12.

The symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency
1. Problems such as itching and horror at the hands of the feet.
2. weakness, headache, fatigue etc. They are the main symptoms.
Rescue and treatment measures.
If these symptoms occur in our body, we should check the vitamin B12 immediately.
Many people are not worried about these symptoms. Because of the pain, it takes a huge shape. It looks harmful to us.

Plant people should pay more attention to their diet. You should eat more food from milk. It should be 400 to 500 millimeters in the body of a healthy person. When the time passes, we can beat them by taking drugs and food.

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