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Eyes are important for life, so it’s important for life. It also has a very important role in terms of beauty. Usually there are black circles under the eyes. But man feels tired and reads. The beauty of the dark rotor also worsens. There are several reasons for black spots under the eyes. Work is for these reasons a lot of time in front of the computer, the lack of nutrients in the body, more sleep, mental stress, etc. This issue of Due to dark spots that fall under the eye, beauty gets worse yet and people are starting to age, Today we will tell you through this article, why dark areas are under the eyes and what steps to avoid them.
Due to dark circles under the eyes –
Red blood scarcity: If you suffer from red blood deficiency, black spots may appear beneath the eyes. The problem of hemoglobin increases the likelihood of dark spots. When the problem of hemoglobin is controlled by medicine and diet, the problem of dark circles is gone.
Sensitivity: These problems may occur due to allergies. Reaction to the body while eating can affect the eye area.
Iron deficiency Iron deficiency caused by anemia. Anemia makes the body pale. Start to see eye channels. This causes the problem of dark circles.
Wrong Sleep Mode: The amount of false gold is falling into the wrong face to fall asleep. It creates black spots around the eyes.

Lack of sleep: This is a major cause of dark eye spots. Many people do not sleep well enough in today’s busy lives. This can make your eyes tired. This causes the blood vessels under your eyes to appear as dark circles.
Some drugs reach the blood vessels beneath the eyes. It leads to dark spots beneath the eyes.
For genetic reasons, even for genetic reasons, there is a problem with dark circles. One of the reasons for this is the generation of generation.
Too asleep: not only sleep, but more, causing dark circles. Keep your health upright for 7-8 hours to stay healthy and beautiful.
Beauty Products: Use a cosmetics product that suits your body to prevent dark circles. Always use beautiful beauty products.
Some tips to fix the dark eye rings.
Combine the oil of sandalwood and olive oil in black circles, dark circles are fine.
The mixture of orange juice and glycerin around the eyes diminishes the problem of dark circles.
Coffee juice is also useful for removing dark circles. In the application, the eye of the eye is used. When you move around the eyes with the cut option, the difference in days becomes bigger.
By mixing salt with raw milk and applying cotton with a difference the surrounding black dots will be visible within a few days.
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