एक माह में थायराइड से छुटकारा पाने के ये है 3 जबरदस्त उपाय

Dear readers, thyroid is the neck. It consists of thyroid hormone. When the balance of this hormone develops in the development of the disease. This disease is more than just women. When the level of the hormone goes down, the body’s metabolism begins very quickly and the body’s energy quickly ends.
When this hormone is made more, the body’s metabolism is lower. The energy is therefore not formed in the body. With tiredness, drowsiness and insomnia begins the dream. Today, we explain three ways to get rid of the thyroid.

Treatment is as follows:

To control the turmeric, thyroid milk, you should take it in daily milk and beverage. If it is not turmeric sugar, the flies should be burned to grilled. This increases the control of the thyroid gland.

Pumpkin juice, drink pumpkin juice every morning, check the thyroid. After drinking this juice should not be eaten after half an hour. Sal must avoid things. It should take at least 3 months.

Tulsi and cactus, two tablespoons of basil juice, add half a teaspoon of cactus juice. That way, the thyroid gland will not come to you. Age is 35. Cactus and basil juice should be eaten twice a month.

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