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Lemon is an acidic fruit that is soluble in water and is largely consumed by heat or cooling. Most people who want to lose weight are shared with lemon and drink it warm because it helps you lose weight. Many people do not even know, even cold lemon juice can cause weight loss. This article describes how you can remove with cold lemon juice.

In addition to weight loss lemon juice can be used to improve concentration, to supply the body with moisture to absorb the entire stomach, promote body energy and improve digestion.

Let’s see how you can lose weight with cold lemon juice.

Cooling water with low-calorie calories without calories. There is no doubt that it contains no calories in the water, while the lemon contains only 17 calories. Even if you mix it with half a cup of water, the calories will remain the same. A glass of orange juice contains 39 calories. Then, instead of eating a glass of orange juice, lemon juice, choose to decrease your daily calories.

Boosts metabolism It is known that lemon increases the metabolism of the body, which is useful for weight loss. According to the study, you can improve the performance of mitochondria, when your body is wet at the right level. The mitochondria will draw nutrients from cells that will diminish them and convert them into energy that regulates metabolism.
Your stomach keeps the lemon juice to unwanted foods that are not your stomach. A study from 2008 showed that half a liter of water would be reduced by 13 percent before breakfast was counted as calories. Another study also found that increasing saturation and drinking during meals reduced by drinking lemon juice in hunger.
The reason is that low-calorie lemon juice enhances the feeling of perfection, an effective way to reduce calorie intake while eating.
Detoxification from the body of cold lemon juice, such as hot lemon juice. It removes toxins from the body, which in turn physically acts in the body. So lemon juice cleanses the body and the accessories to lose weight.

Anti-free radicals
Vitamin C in lemon helps with oxidative stress in the body. Vitamin C performs by stopping the oxidation of cell compounds. Free radicals are (LDL) with low density lipoproteins associated. It is known that a diet high in saturated fat and sugar, increases the value of LDL and oxidation of ROS free radicals. Oxidation leads to the development of atherosclerotic plaque LDL, which can cause heart disease. By consuming lemon juice, which fight free radicals and lower cholesterol.
How much lemon water should you drink to lose weight? Before you take lemon juice to lose weight, you should know three things: quantity, time and temperature. The human body can only receive 375 ml metabolism simultaneously. If you want to drink more than 375 ml, take it almost an hour. A person with a grade less than 150 kg (68 kg) of the body, half a lemon juice should be used (236-354 ml) in a cold water filter. The person weighs over £ 150, can take twice the Lemonade daily. Drink all day lemon juice.
How to make lemon juice lose weight?
Ingredients: 1 cup lemon juice.
Preparation: The slice of lemon and the juice in a cup of seven. Fill the jars with water and you can add fresh herbs like fresh mint, basil or lavender. let cool for a few hours until the product is standing up.
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